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These are some of the sources I recommend for more information on Victorian homes.   Some of these are  out-of-print, but can be still be found in used books shops or online.  This is by no means an exhaustive list of all the books on Victorians, just the ones I reach for most.

Victoria's Legacy
Judith Lynch Waldhorn & Sally Woodridge, 1978
Bits of information on a hundreds of Victorian houses, plus a good overview on how they were built and the people who built them.  It's a summary of Lynch's project for the National Endowment for the Arts, in which she documented the 13,487 Victorians she found remaining in San Francisco.

Gables and Fables
Anne Bloomfield & Arthur Bloomfield, 2007
Well written summaries of careful research done on  110 houses in Pacific Heights.

Painted Ladies
Elizabeth Pomada & Michael Larsen, photos by Morley Baer, 1978
Short descriptions roughly 100 Victorians in Pacific Heights, the Western Addition, the Haight and the Mission.  Beautiful color photos show off their 1978 paint designs.  These authors originated the term "Painted Ladies."

San Francisco - Building the Dream City
James Beach Alexander & James Lee Heig, 2002
Large format book with lots of good info on the history of the city from its earliest days up through the 1950s.  Good information on the development of San Francisco neighborhoods.

National Trust Guide, San Francisco
Peter Booth Wiley, 2000
Solid overview of city history and development, plus detailed information on buildings in 13 different areas, including a driving tour to the zoo.

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