Landmark Victorians

Postcard Row

Steiner Street at Alamo Square
 Michael Kavanaugh, builder, 1890 - 1893

This world-famous row of Queen Anne Victorians is one of the the most photographed views of San Francisco.   The corner house with the tower was the first one built by carpenter by carpenter Michael Kavanaugh who moved into it with his family in 1892.   Kavanaugh then proceeded to build out the rest of the row one by one, selling each off before beginning the next.  On a clear day, the panoramic view of the modern city rising up behind the historic homes is why this row remains a favorite.  Climb the hill in the park across the street for the best view. 
Postcard Row is featured in City Guides Landmark Victorians tour which often includes a peek inside a restored Victorian home nearby.  Check the website for dates and times.  

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